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i have a major case of WRITTERS BLOCK!!
and i have no idea when i'll be able to update, but i've recently got one of my best friends on Peryl and shes half way through the first chapter for ya'll get this! her names Miri! well actually thats her nick name, her real name is Miriana. ahahhaha dont tell her i told you guys alright! mine is Miriama .! we used to live in the same city but i moved so thats a downer, i think we got along because we have simallar names anyways ill get an update to you sooon i swear!."


Meryl awoke the next morning, she looked around the room puzzled. Looking down to her right as she sat up a little she saw a sound asleep Pierce lying next to her, her eyes widened. Looking under the sheets to see her dress half way of her shoulder, and her bra half off. Pulling it back up she realized her panties werent on, looking around she noticed they were dangling off the seat next to Pierce. Glancing at the side table she looked towards the alarm clock that read 6:22 am. Her eyes widened at the fact she promised Nancy that she would be on set at 6;30 for waldrobe fittings.
Again, she looked under the sheets, she remembered Nancy dropping off some outfits and her ready to go out and her throwing them on the bed. It didnt accur to her, last night that she had put on a dress she would be wearing in a scene. Pulling the blankets off and pulling down the dress she crept around to the other side of the bed grabbing her panties and putting them on. Pierces eyes began to slowley open, seeing no one beside him. Tiliting his head he saw Meryl who looked down towards him. "Last night..." she said looking the other way before Pierce took her hand. "last night... was a one off... it was late.... we were tired and it happened.... it was..." spoke looking at Meryl. "a mistake... it was a mstake." she said lettting go of his hand putting her jaket over her arm. "ill um... see you later." she spoke and without even another glance she was gone. Pierce lent up against his bed, he thought about last night. Meryls soft pink lips against his. the way she touched him. Sighing softly, he got to his feet and got ready for the day ahead of him.

Meryl arrived at the set, 10 minutes late. Approximetly at 6:40 am. Looking down to what she was wearing, she shook her head, remembering that there was a shower and some spear clothes in her dressing room, she got out of her car and walked to her dressing room where she was met by her assistant Callie. "Meryl!, are you ok?" she asked dotting down some notes. "yeah, im fine... what would make you think otherwise?" Meryl asked turning her body to get a towel from the shelf that stood behind her. "because... you look as if you havent slept properly and you have sex hair!." Callie stated. Meryls eyes widened as she turned around facing her assistant. "im sorry... what hair?" she asked frowning . Callie looked towards Meryl. "you heared me.. what ? did Don come home early from connedicit?" she asked looking away, and as she did Meryl muttered. "not exactly." Callies eyes widened. "what?" she asked Meryl sighed as she heared a voice at the door. "PERFECT." Nancy yelled. Meryl looked Nanxy up and down "what is?" Meryl asked. "the dress...the way you're wearing it... half way off the shoulder.." As Nancy said this Meryl quickly pulled it up
"thats how your wearing it in your scene..right?" Nancy asked "if i say no will you hurt me?" Meryl asked. "yes." nancy planly replied. "then...yeah!!!." Meryl threw the biggeest fake smile upon her face. "good... even your hair suits the hair...its like you have sex hair." Nancy spoke. Meryl choked on Nancys final remark hearing Callie chuckle to herself quietly. "Well, Alec doesnt arrive to 7, so feel free do do what you like." Nanxy spoke. Meryl smiled. "ok then i think ill have a shower " Meryl said picking the towel back up. "oh i beg of you. dont ..whatever you do...mess up your hair." Nancy said as she walked away. "you...! what hapened last night?" Callie asked "sorry cal..cant talk dont have long to have a shower." Meryl said avoiding eye contact with her assistant.

Pierce had been on set no more than an hour and he was already looking like a lost dog. "Pierce...you alright?" Robert asked, Pierces on screen son. As Robert spoke Pierce was in his own little world untill he was knocked out. "huh ?... yeah im fine. just a little tired." he responded. Pierce only had a a month and a half left of shooting untill he was finished shooting his scenes in "Remember Me." and would be fuying back to malibu days after his scenes her wrapped. Pierce stood to his feet. "uhh im gonna call my wife. excuse me." he said in the most poliute way possible. Taking out his phone from his pocket he dialed his wifes number. awaiting her answer.

"hey sweetie."

"hi keely."

"its been a while."

"i know i've just been super busy."

"well at least you'll be home soon. when will you be home?"

"early june."

"aww i cant wait that long to see you... how about i come vist?"

"you dont have too."

"yes i do. your my husband i miss you."

"i miss you too. but you dont have to come. i mean who will have the kids?"

"ill ask mom to have them."

"for how long."

"a couple of days."

"a couple of days?"

"2 max."


"whats your problem Pierce dont you want to see me?"

"of corse i do but..."

"good its settled. see you this weekend...bye baby."


Pierce spoke through the phone but all he heared was the beeping noise his phone made when there was no one on the other end, sighing he closed his phone clencing it in his hands. He hated when Keely was so controling like that, showing up at shoots unannounced like on the mamma mia set, it was like she was threatned my Meryl. I mean who wouldnt be? shes bueatiful one of a kind... minutes later he snapped himself out of it walking out of the set he was on. Walking down a few flights of stairs every door was locked and when he got to the second to last floor where they're was one more set that looked like it was open. Walking in , he saw pepole walking around everywhere. then a small set that looked out to be set out as a bedroom seeing Alec Bladwin, he knew it was Meryls set. Standing at the door for a moment, he saw everyone beginning to take their places on screen and off. Meryl looked up to see Pierce, her eyes got lost in his untill she looked away but she didnt look away fast enough for Callie to notice the look in each of their eyes. Alec had to sit on top of Meryl , and as he got on top of her, they were immediatly exchanging giggles... yes that made Pierce a little jelous but he was going to hold it in. ACTION." Nancy called and the scene soon began. minutes into the scene Alec soon grabbed Meryls womanhood. (ok, i've seen the movie number of times and thats what i've seen him do, i dont care if i was just dreaming and saw it im using it anyways ! ok?) "home sweet home." his character spoke. As Alec took this action. Pierces eyes widened. "what the fuck?" he said covering his mouth straight after, "sorry... sorry." he said backing away. Nancy called five and Meryl walked over to Pierce and Callie walked over to the two. Neither three said anything, they just looked at eachother. Callie looked towards Pierce than Meryl. "ohmygod! you screwed him.!." she said descretly, Meryl didnt deny it yet confirm it .. it was all in her eyes. "you two, dressiing room now!." Callie said


Meryl sat in her dressing room. she wasnt doing anything exiting exept for playing with a scarf that she would be wearing in one of her scenes. She was in her own little world thinking, about her husband, her family. Pierce. Her thoughts turned to the many nights she spent with the cast in mamma mia. Julie and Cristine especially, drinking and smoking on the beach. which she wouldnt dear tell Don about, his thoughts on a ciggerete was a disgusting habbit that just progreced your chances of lung disesse. Meryl thought the same way, but the occasional smoke here and there wasn't going to hurt anybody know was it?. Alec Baldwin knocked on Meryls half open door. Shaking her head looking up a awrm smile spread across her lips. "hey." "hi." Meryl replied looking up. "uhh a few of us are going out for dinner, just wondering if you wanted to join us." Alec smiled. Alec was a kind man, he seemed genuine. "sure. what else have i got to do?" Meryl asked with a gigglev standing to her feet putting the scarf that she had in her hand and walking out with Alec. 25 minutes later, Steve, Alec , Nora and Meryl arrived at a resturant that Meryl had grown quite fond of over the years, as most of her movies were based or filmed in the brooklyn or chelsea area. Grabbing a table they all ordered drinks and starters yet the waitress began a little conversation with Meryl. "Usual?" the waitress asked with a smile. Meryl smirked and nodded her head, looking down to the menu anyway she didnt even notice Pierce walk in and go immediatly to the bar. Pierce was quite happy drinking alone. he needed space. time to think. Sculling down his 5th vodka tonic he heared a familiar voice beginning to order a drink. Smirking to himself quietly he finshed her oder . "tangri martini straight up with a twist." Pierce spoke, Meryl cleared her throat looking at Pierce. "you remember my drink?" she asked as Pierces gaze turned towards her. "well..." Pierce began "when a woman orders a drink..so much it kind of sticks in a mans head." Meryl chuckled hitting him softly sitting on the stool next to him. "aren't you with your co stars?" Pierce asked looking over, Meryl shrugged. "meh, they'll survive without me." she spoke softly. "you sure?" Pierce asked. Meryl tilted her head to the side giving Pierce a look."im sure." she said as the waiter braught over her drink she smiled as a sign of a thankyou taking a tiny sip. "you still make drinking a martini hot!." Pierce muttered under his breath. "what was that ?" Meryl asked swalling the liqoud that was in her mouth. Pierce shook his head. "nothing .. nothing at all." he said with a smile. Meryl smirked drinking the rest of her martini. Over the night Meryl and Pierce talkrfd about the last 4 and a half months since they had last seen eachother at the GGs. "So...its your birthday in a couple of weeks.." Meryl began running he fingers around the rimm of her glass. Pierce rolled his eyes , and this caught Meryls attention "what was that?" she asked "what was what?" Pierce smiled "you rolled your eyes." she said. Pierce looked towards Meryl. "ok, yeah i remember my party i also remember the little insident." Pierce narrowed his eyes to look ay Meryl "what insi...oh.... that wasnt my fault." she said frowning. Pierce chuckled "so... getting so drunk that you tumble over, which your lucky that i caught you... by the way... " Pierce added before continuing "that you cause someone to fall off they're stool and brake their wrist isnt your fault?" Pierce asked Meryl crossed her arms. "im leaving." she giggled grabbing her coat and walking out without another word. that night Meryl couldnt sleep a wink she tried everything, taking a shower, drinking coffee , untill it hit her, these things keep you up!. getting changed she looked over to her clock that read 3 :am she un knowingly had changed in the purple dress that she would wear in the scene where Alecs and herselfs character first sleep together, Nora had sent some contumes over just to see if Meryl was happy with the way they were and she was. Driving to the hotel where Pierce was she stayed in her car for a little bit. she took a dep breath before entering the hotel. Walking towards the elevator walking to his door going to knock, but turning around to walk away before Pierces door opened. "Mertyl?...." Pierce asked. Meryl turned around smiled softly. "hi..." she said. "i was just about to come see you." Pierce said looking towards Meryl. "ditto," she replied Pierce gaze looked towards Meryl. He took her hand and intwinned their fingers, Meryl wacthed as he did this. Meryl could feel Pierces breath, closing her eyes she felt his lips against hers. Pulling away she looked at Pierce before kissing him agagin and entering his room. As the kiss went on, Pierce began unbottoning his top, and just as in the scene in mamma mia Meryl ripped it off. Meryl bit her lip slight;u looking towards Pierce Pierce lent her on the bed, they knew it was wrong. they were both married they shouldnt be doing this, but at the same time it felt


[sorry its short. but hey! i updated.]

"what are you diong here?" Pierce asked, not believing that Meryl was standing in front of him. "im working on my new movie a few floors up." Meryl replied Pierce heared someone clear his throat seeing it was his director Pierce shook his head. "how rude of me, Mer this is Allen, the director." Pierce smiled putting his hand on Meryls back. Meryls direction went from Pierce to Allen, flashing a smile she gave him a quick peek on the cheeck. "its nice to meet you." she smiled shaking his hand. "Pierce, my man, we're going to work around your scenes for a while, get some of Rob and Emelies done before Rob has to go to vancouver." Allen spoke. "so, you have the afternoon off." Allen, said. Pierce cheecks flushed red. "Meryl, what are you doing now?" he asked. Meryl shrugged. "about to get lunch...and seeing you got the afternoon off....you wanna come?" Meryl asked Pierce nodded, "yeah just let me get changed." Meryl nodded as she waited for him.


5 minutes later, Pierce arrived from around the corner, in his usual. blue jeans and a smart white shirt Meryls eyes narrowed towards his bottons and his followed looking towards Meryls direction Pierce rolled his eyes un doing 4 buttons of his shirt. Meryl smirked as they began to walk out of the buliding where coinsidenitily there were papparzzi cameras outside, but far away and well hiden. Pierce put his arm around Meryl, as they walked to a near by cafe. As they walked in Pierces hold of Meryl was released. Everyones gaze turned towards the two. they could'nt believe that two of the hottest hollywoods actors were in a small local brooklyn cafe, when they ordered the waitress freaked out and Meryl and Pierce exchanged little giggles as they thought it was cute that pepole were freaking out over them.

As they waited for what they ordered at a table just outside the cafe, one or two or three groups of fans came and asked for pictures. Meryl being Meryl was happy to, and so was Pierce . yet in every picture he had his arm around her chair. Meryl smiled as the last girl came up for a picture with the two. "did you guys have a good time filming mamma mia?" the girl asked. Pierce smiled. "the best." he simply replied looking towards meryl who gushed "the wrap party was my favorite part of filming." Meryl threw her head back in laughter before putting her head in her hands . "ohmygosh." she said at once. "ooh yes i saw those pictures on the internet...you look like a blast to hang out with when your drunk." Both Meryl and Pierce looked up at the girl "there are pictures from that night on the internet?" they said at the same time. The girl nodded. As the waitress brang Meryl and Pierces food over the girl spoke once more. "well ill let you guys get back to your lunch. it was great meeting you both." and with that she was gone. Pushing her plate away Meryl put her head in her arms i suddenly lost my abbitite." Pierce chuckled. "Mer... its not that bad." he said beginning to eat his steak. Meryl looked up. "not that bad?...not that bad? do you not remember what we did that night?" she asked pulling her plate back towards her digging her fork in. "no and i thought you said you lost your abbitite." Pierce spoke. "a girl can change her mind..." Meryl smirked biting into her chicken salad. Pierce chuckled. "so fill me in on what i don't remember." Pierce said. he remembered all to well., Meryl rolled her eyes looking towards Pierce. "dont play stupid i know you remember." Meryl said as she ate. Pierce surrended. "ok! so i remember but you don't have to worry, we were what? on the beach? no one would have seen or taken pictures of us." Pierce re assured Meryl. Meryl looked to Pierce. "imma hold ya to that." she said with a giggle. they spent the next forty five minutes talking, cacthing up on the last 6 months since they didnt speak much at the golden globes a few weeks previous. Meryls naughty laugh hipnotized Pierce. "do ya'll want desert?" the waitress asked after she had taken the empty plates away. Meryl and Pierce gave eachother a look before noding "yeah. i could go with a chocolate cake with ice cream." Meryl smiled, "would you like cream with the cake?" the waitress took her order. "hmmm yes please." she said. Looking towards Pierce he shook his head. "aw nothing for me. im full." Pierce said. "ok, well ill bring that out soon." she said walking away.

Pierce smiled at Meryl making her chuckle. "what?" she asked looking towards him. Pierce immediatly shook his head "nothing..." Meryl didnt believe a word of it. "cmon tell me..." she said. Pierce tilted his head. "fine, do you know how bueatiful you are?" he asked. Meryl laughed "ok now i know your lying." she joked as the waitress braught her desert over. "thankyou." Meryl looked towards the woman. As the woman put her plate down her hands shaking, obviously nervous. "you ok sweetie?" Pierce asked the woman who after time eventually squealled and nodded. "yeah yeah im fine. oh my god pierce brosnan just asked me if im alright. right well im just gonna...yuup." the woman..without another word walked away in a rush. Meryl giggled. "someones starstruck." she looked towards her desert and so did Pierce. Meryl smirked finding this the best oppurtunity to tease him just as he teased her on the set of mamma mia. getting her tea spoon digging it into the chocolate cake. putting the spoon near her mouth, tangleing her tounge around the spoon , licking it once more before looking towards Pierce once more whos hand was turned into a fist held against his lips. Meryl took her index finger...running it across the plate picking up the cream. swipping her finger across her lip before putting it into her mouth. drapping her cream-less finger across her bottom lip wiping the excess cream off her lip. giggling Meryl looked towards Pierce who shook his head. "you have NO idea what your doing to me." he said. Meryls laugh filled the air looking under the table slightly. "oh yes i do." she said through her giggle. soon enough he giggled along with her. Minutes later Pierce stood to his feet, Meryl frowned tilting her head to see Rita there. "i thought you said you were having lunch...." Rita said sitting in a free seat next to Meryl. " Hi Pierce." Rita nodded her head as a sign of a hello. "hey." Pierce responded looking to Meryl. "i am having lunch." she looked to Rita. "uh huh uh huh what are you having that desert or Pierce Brosnan?" Rita joked. Meryls eyes widened standing on her foot. "ooch!!." Rita gasped standing up. "well i better go i was just passing through....you call me tonight!." she said looking to Meryl as she nodded Rita smiled "nice seeing you again." she said soon walking away. Meryl and Pierce exchanged looks . Meryls was utter embarresment. After about 20 or so minutes it was tiem they went they're seperate ways for the night. "where are you staying?" Pierce asked Meryl frowned picking her coat up. "my apartment." she chuckled. Pierce shook his head. "right you live here!." Meryl giggled. "call me alright ... this was fun." she said. "hey i might come visit your set." Pierce said. Meryl tilted her head. "i look foward to it. she said. giving him a close embrassive hug. before walking a seperate direction form Pierce. Little did they both know the papparzzi were closer than they thought...


Meryl awoke early sunday morning in her connideicet home, struggling to open her eyes she tilted her head, smiling softly to see her husband sleeping so peacefully. Giving him one more qiuck glance before getting up having a shower and getting changed. After her shower Meryl finished packing soon sitting down at her dresser to do her hair. Beginning to tie up her hair she felt her husbands lips against her neck, moaning slightly Meryl closed her eyes. "Morning." Meryl said softly looking into the miror towards his husbands reflection. "Good Morning." Don replied Meryl smiled putting her brush down and standing up. "i gotta go." Meryl said picking her siutcase up. Beginning to walk to the door, Don pulled Meryls arm kissing her passionatly "mmm seriously i gotta go." she said walking out of the room. Walking down the stairs Don soon followed. "can't you go tommorow ? they'll survive without you for one more day." Don pleeded with his wife Meryl rolled her eyes turning back kissing Don. "iloveyou." she said and without another word she left leaving her husband to wacth her get into a car and drive off.


In the car, inwhich Meryl sat in the back she randomly began to hum Dancing Queen to herself quietly, this brang memories back from the time she shared with the cast and crew from "Mamma Mia!." She remembered the many many nights someone had to make sure she got back to her room because she got a "little." drunk, her thoughts now turned towards Pierce, the drunken kisses they shareed in greece the many late night conversations they had this brang a smile upon Meryls lips as they pulled up to "brooklyn studios."


Pierces on-location movie "Remember Me." was beginning production in a few days and Pierce was in New York a few days early just to settle into the atmisphere. Signing into the saint regis he walked into his floor than towards his suite once there he went straight to his bed, Meryl had been the only thing on his mind since the new york premiere and he wondered if she thought of him. lying on the bed he lifted his head hearing his phone buzz reading the message he sighed. "ONE MISSED CALL FROM KEELY." Pierce pressed the call button waitting for his wife to answer


"Hi honey, sorry i missed your call, just got in'="

"thats ok, how was your flight babe? "

"ok kind of tired me out tho."

"oh really ? do you want me to call back later?"

"noo its alright. are the boys behaving ?"

"yuup.... when do you start filming?"

"A few days ... ill be really busy im really sorry if i dont call you every night."

"its fine sweetie."

"hey, im getting an incomming call from Allen, can i call you back?"

"sure thing, i love you."

"love you too."

Pierce hung up from his wife and answered the call from the director of his new movie Allen.

"hello Allen."

"Hi, listen filmings gonna start a little earlier than planned."

"oh, how early ?"


" umm today."

"oh ok."

"do you thiink you could come in?"

"yeah yeah defenitly."

"awesome see you soon."




Pierce rolled his eyes for the first time in a long time he wasnt in the mood to work today, getting up and grabbing his jacket and walking out from his hotel and going down to the set. Once there he smiled walking up the stairs the set seeing a few cast members. "Hi, im Rob. i play tyler." Robert Pattinson introduced himself Pierce shook his hand "its good to meet you Rob, Pierce." he spoke. Moments later Pierces direction hit a young actress. "Im emelie." she smiled, being a gentleman Pierce gently kissed her cheeck "its a plesure." he spoke, soon after Allen pulled Rob and Pierce aside to talk through their scene. nodding and agreeing they soon got changed ready to shoot.

Meryl had just arrived herself she had met with the rest of the cast of her new flick that was soon to be titled including Alec, Steve and of corse Rita Wilson, whom she had worked with when she had produced Mamma mia . " have you got plans for tonight?" Rita asked, Meryl thought for a moment before shaking her head. "not as i can remeember." she smiled. "good because we are going out for drinks." Meryls naughty giggle filled the room. "sounds like a plan." she giggled. talking for a few extra minutes before walking out of the set for lunch, walking past a particular set she heared yelling. Of corse they were in the middle of a scene but the yeling seemed so familiar, she knew that voice it was Pierce. Sneaking onto the set walking towards the yelling. walking towards a set she smirked seeing Pierce acting with a younger actor. Standing next to the director she smiled Allen looked up to see Meryl frowning but soon smiling at the fact Meryl Streep herself was on his set. Pierce carried on with his scene. "I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING." his character yelled looking up to see Meryl but thinking nothing of it, before realizing and looking back to see Meryl a huge smile appareed to his face. "Meryl!." he said walking over to Meryl, Meryl winked at him as he wrapped his arms around her and twirled her around. Meryl giggled. "jesus christ Pierce put me down!." she laughed, Pierce surrended putting her down and putting his arm around her. Was it bad that Pierce was happier seeing Meryl then he was getting a call from his wife ?

Meryls breath was heavey, she didnt know what to think or what to say. Did the man infront of her just say the 8 letter word that she should only hear from her husband.? Looking him up and down she pierced her lips. "you have to go." she practicly pushed him out of the room, sliding down the door her head in her hands and her thoughts everywhere, he did'nt. she tried convincing herself. "he didn't mean it." she repeated to herself. Meryl groaned in fustation hearing her phone begin to buzz she looked up standing to her feet walking over to the side draw and the caller ID? Don...

"Hi Don.."

"Darling are you ok?"

"yes im fine why would you think otherwise?"

"because i have'nt heared from you in almost a week. i was worried."

"Oh dear, productions just been so busy when i get time out i just well sleep."

"oh ok, well you get some rest my dear. call me in the morning."


" i love you."

Meryl Chocked

"me too."



Meryl hung up and collapsed her head into the pillows she couldnt believe it. she was in love with Pierce Brosnan

sorry :(

ok. get this. ive lost all inspiration i had for my peryl fic and im no longer writing it.... BUT.... im working on a new fan fic. ill send a preview up.

please don't hate me

sorry :(

sorry for not updating as fast as usual. they're wont be an update all week, so this weekend ill make it up to you guys with 2-3 chapters. but right now ivegot a major case of writers block.


A huuge happy birthday to merylandrebafan/hannaah

hope you have a good one tommorow ! ! and cant wait for your mirandy story! x

Chapter 16

September 5th 2007.

Meryl rested her head on the seat as she looked out the window all she saw was clouds. white circles of clouds. She was on a plane to greece. She had the choice to go on a normal flight but choose to go on a private jet. In August, the month just gone the prop directors had bulit s little set in greece for the remaining scenes. They would film right into October. Meryl sighed. her pink, soft lips turned into a pierce as she slowley yet hesitantly let herself fall into a deep sleep.

Meryl awoke from a good nights sleep. Her eyes slowley opening with the scoring bright sun beaming in from the windows on her right. Sitting up she smiled she loved the enviroment she was in. She had 5 bueatiful children, Henrey was in high school. Mamie was in elementery. and Grace was in Primary. Loiusa, only being 2 was still at home in the middle of the day but Meryl loved having her home, Moments later a handsome tall man walked in. His chocolate brown hair all messy from the night before. He, held a bueatiful little girl in his arms. "look whos awake." A husky irsh voice tralied the room. Meryls smile grew wider and wider. As the man sat next to Meryl he kissed Meryls forehead as she kissed her youngest daughters who already looked like her father. "i love you Meryl Streep," His ocean blue eyes looked into hers as he leant in to her kiss her...

Meryl awoke from her dream in a sweat. looking around her surroundings and then her body feeling the drips of sweat hyer breath seemingly heavier than before resting her head once more letting her eyes slowley close.

In Los Angeles Pierce was waiting to boared his plane whilest talking to his wife and reading a magazine which coinsidenitly had Meryl on the over. Reading the magazine she talked about Don alot, and how she would be dead emotionally without him which made Pierce sick inside, he wanted to be the one that she woluld be lost without. Sighing slightly hearing a voice in forming him that his flight was about to boared Pierce said goodbye to his wife and began walking towards the plane. Boarding the plane he smiled . Sitting on his seat as the plane took off Pierce thought before knowing what his summer would include of. getting Meryl back...getting Meryl back and you guessed it getting Meryl back , and he would do everything in his power to win her back.

Landing in greece, Mreyl was awoken from her slumber seeing they had landed. Looking around, she heared the whistliing wind outside laughing to herself, wasnt greece supposed to be hot ? Getting to her car that was waiting for her she smiled getting into the back, she thought for a moment. her thoughts turned from her family, to her husband to her carrer. her thoughts now turned to the daughter she abandoned. the one she gave up for her carrer she felt her heart being ripped out of her chest when that family walked out of the hospital. and she had the same feeling now. she felt the same aching pain she had 14 years previous. She wondered if her parents had given the letters, the birthday cards, the money that Meryl had sent. Little did she know that even if they wanted to they couldnt. they couldnt give her the cards the letters the money, they wanted to, but they couldnt. Sighing she peered outside her window wacthing the sights as the driver drove to their destination.

Already in greece, Cristine, Julie and Amanda were cathing up on things when Phylidda walked up. "hii girls." Phylidda began they all nodded as a sign of a hello. "now, i want to get straight into work, so when Meryl and Pierce arrive later today, ill shoot the goathouse scene and then we'll go straight into the beginning of the dancing queen sequence.." Phylidda spoke reffering to Julie and Cristine nodding Amanda asked. "so... ..." Amanda asked needing to know what was happening with her, "Anthony is keen on working with you and Domminic for the day, before we film tommorow morning bright and early" Phylidda told the one of the youngest cast members nodding in agreement she smiled Seconds apart Pierce and Meryl arrived. Saying her hellos. Meryl soon went off in the other direction. Everyone in their own little world, Pierce excused himself following Meryl around the corner. As Meryl went to her trailer, Pierce came around a few seconds later noticing that Meryl was gone. Sighing he looked around noticing there were trailers everywhere. Looking one by one, untill he found Meryls. Smiling he soon knocked on the door.

Un aware Pierce was there Meryl answered the dooor with the biggest of smiles upon her face untill she saw Pierce standing there. "what do you want ?"
she asked leaving the door open, as if shee knew he wasnt going to give up and waiting for him to talk. turning around Pierce stood in her trailer. "well?" Meryl asked crossing her arms "i wanted to talk to you." Pierce said steadealy in a resenable tone. "theres nothing to talk about." Meryl said avoiding eye contact sitting in a near by seat. "yes Meryl there is.... you cant just say its over !." Pierce spoke looking towards the bueatiful blonde woman. "oh really? and why not ?" Meryl asked standing up causing Pierce to stand back . "because ..." Pierce spoke looking away "because?..." Meryl asked , Pierce looked towards her persed lips prsssing his against hers, at first she was shocked but soon surrended to the kiss, her hand wrapping around his neck the kiss carried on untill she pulled awaay shaking her head. "we ca--nt." she shuttered turning away. "yes yes we can!." Pierce spoke Meryl shook her head "you....you have to go!." Meryl spoke pointing towards the door. Pierce nodded walking toawards the door. "before i go. look me in the eyes! tell me you dont love me!." Pierce said firmly. Meryls lip quievering , her cheecks all red, her eyes beginning to become puffy she managed to look Pierce in the eyes "i dont love you." she stated. Pierce looked down and without another word he was gone. Shutting the door Meryl coveerd her mouth beginning to cry her thoughts wondered everywhere especially one place. "seems like im becomming a better liar." she thought to herself.

Pierce went back to his hotel room to drown his sorrows. Meryl was so convincing, that he believed her, he couldnt see through her white lie. and in all honesty she wished he had skulling down the wisky, the few first drinks from a cup before drinking straight from the bottole he seemed to drink himself into a comatized state. the next morning as Amanda, Domminic , Phylidda and the rest of the crew were down at the beach Everyone was enjoying a nice breakfast down at the hotel pre paring for the day ahead. "has anyone seen Pierce?" Stellan asked looking around everyone shook their heads no one knew where he was and they were all worried , Meryl most of all but she wasnt going to let it show. "ill go see if hes in his hotel room." Colin spoke leaving the table. Meryl was shaking what if he was hurt ? what if he was comatozed somewhere? Noticing Meryls irrecation Cristine looked towards Meryl. "you ok?" Cristine asked, ever since the night Meryl had spilled her guts out to Cristine they had become very close and talked alot. Nodding her head she saw Colin out of the corner of her eyes she was going to be the first one to say anything. "is he ok?" Meryl immediatly asked, Clin nodded. "just a little hungover he'll be right soon." Colin answered Meryls question, a sigh of relif escaped Meryls lips as her phone soon rang it was Phylidda.
"hey phylidda....uh huh.... yeah....hes still asleep...oh right.....ok.....cya." Meryl soon hung up. everyones attention was braught to the phone call. "what was that about?" Julie asked. Meryl looked up. "oh the scudules been changed, we're doing my scene on the cliff with Pierce and then into the wedding scene and hten straight into the reception." Meryl spoke at once, after their breakfast and getting Pierce everyone made their way on set. Meryl in her dress with Rpy doing her hair,he had been her make up artist for so long he had become some what a close friend better yet one of her best . So he knew when something wasnt quite right. "Mer are you ok?" he asked sitting in a chair next to her, "of corse im ok." Meryl lied through her teeth and un like Pierce Roy could see the little twiches in her nose when she lied. "dont you dare lie to me." Roy chuckled, causing Meryl to giggle. taking his hands Meryl smiled. "honestly im fine dont worry!." Meryl said kissing his cheeck walking out of the dressing room heading to the car which would take her to the cliff where they would be filming . It was a walk up to the cliff but she didnt mind. walking with the crew members she smiled as she saw a figure comming close up towards her, it was Pierce.looking down she walked over to Phylidda figuring out where she would stand "i dont care what you do...just make sure you run up to the church on the top of the hill." Meryl chuckled she felt eyes burning on her neck, she knew someone was wacthing her and she knew who that someone was. Minutes later they were ready to shoot. "Meryl...i need to...SHIT!." Pierce spoke. "CUT!." Phylidda yelled as they went through it once more. "Meryl..fuck!." Pierce exclaimed Meryl couldnt help but giggle at Pierces freqquent mistakes. "Donna...i need to talk to you." Phylidda sighed with relif as he finally got the words right. "listen to me Donna this is about us." Pierces character spoke but both somehow knew he ment Meryl went he said Donna and soon enough music began to play as Meryl opened her mouth and began to sing. [[Do me a favor and picture the winner takes it all scene in mamma mia. mkay?]]

I don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny

I was in your arms
Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense
Building me a fence
Building me a home
Thinking I'd be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules

The gods may throw a dice
Their minds as cold as ice
And someone way down here
Loses someone dear
The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Why should I complain?

But tell me does she kiss
Like I used to kiss you? Does it feel the same
When she calls your name?
Somewhere deep inside
You must know I miss you
But what can I say
Rules must be obeyed

The judges will decide
The likes of me abide
Spectators of the show
Always staying low
The game is on again
A lover or a friend
A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all

I don't wanna talk
Cos it makes me feel sad
And I understand
You've come to shake my hand
I apologize
If it makes you feel bad
Seeing me so tense
No self-confidence =
But you see
The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all

The game is on again
A lover or a friend
A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all

Pierce ran after Meryl standing at the edge of the cliff knowing he had to scream Donna but somehow instead of Donna Pierce screamed Meryl. turning her head the tears kept going. at the end of the song Meryl maintaned herself as Pierce once gaain screamed yet this time he said Donna. druing the wedding scene Meryl had a hard time not looking over towards Pierce but she managed not to. Untill his charracter purposed to Meryls Character whilest he sang Meryl looked towards him. "Its just Sam singing to Donna its just Sam singing to Donna but as the last few words came around she knew better she knew that he meant her. Donna please show it you love me and you know it." Pierce sang. As the gruop sang "Say i do/" once more Meryl surrended, "i do." she said shocked. "i do." she said again running up to Pierce, as she did he caught her kissing her deeply and with the last i do as Pierce kissed Meryl he knew she was talking to him and not Pierces character. sliding his tounge in, Meryl free;y exepted as they kissed untill Phylidda screamed "CUT!."